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Aly’s “Bug Out” Preparations

By , August 30, 2011

Considering that yesterday marked the second anniversary of starting this blog, I’m not doing very well keeping it up—my apologies that today’s post is quite late. Life has been accelerating lately, a lot of things are happening all at once.

First and foremost, we’re getting Aly ready to start college. We will drive her to her school in Washington state, a major road trip for us. We’re sorting through all of her stuff so that we’re sure she has everything she needs, but also so we know what to do with what she doesn’t need. In a cabin this small, if one of us leaves, her stuff will certainly be packed up and stored to make room. Continue reading 'Aly’s “Bug Out” Preparations'»

Here and Gone Again

By , July 25, 2011

After what amounted to a long weekend, Aly’s off on a new adventure once again. Fresh from an archaeological field school in Canada, she’s moved in to town to serve as a Teaching Assistant with a local archaeological field school.

The local project is a class through the University of Alaska Southeast designed to teach local Natives skills that will allow them to monitor construction projects and other improvement projects on Native land that might impact heritage sites. Aly will use the experience she gained in Canada and at Yukon/Charley Rivers last summer to help out. She’ll earn money for college and get college credit for her effort. It’s a pretty sweet deal! Continue reading 'Here and Gone Again'»

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