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Gazing Out the Window

By , April 16, 2018

I sometimes wonder how I ever did it.

How did I acquire a decent education, how did I hold semi-prestigious, sometimes lucrative, often exciting jobs, when they all offered windows out of which to gaze?

And, now that I live in a gorgeous natural bay window how do I manage to write this blog? I find this especially puzzling when I realize that this bay window comes with no discipline other than self-discipline, and an overabundance of snacks and other treats to beguile and distract me?

work with a view

Here’s a workplace! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

I tell you truthfully: I started this post to ask your indulgence. I feel I must step away from the blog for a bit.

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Eight Years of Blogging

By , August 27, 2017

Tomorrow, August 28, marks the 8th anniversary of starting this blog. As with many other jobs or responsibilities, it hardly seems that it could be either that long ago, or only that long ago!

As usual on these anniversaries, I’m assessing “progress,” trying to see what could or should change to improve the blog. I recently found a bunch of photographs that got de-linked in the recent switch to a new server, so that’s an improvement. The rest is all behind the scenes stuff, barely noticeable to the general reader, and boring to relate here, but some of the changes I’m contemplating will hopefully make it easier for me to post. That ought to help ensure we make it to 9th anniversary and beyond.

So, no words of wisdom, no pithy observations on the passing of time. I’m just grateful to you, the reader, for coming here every few days to see what we’re up to. Here’s to more anniversaries to come!

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