I’ve Been Interviewed Again

By , December 2, 2015

Recently, Nick Rosen from the British self reliance site, Off-Grid.net interviewed me via Skype. They posted part of that conversation on YouTube several days ago. Ironically, I only just watched it; we’re still accustomizing ourselves to the bandwidth allotment of our new Internet connection. At the end of November, we felt too close to our limit to risk watching a video. I wanted to let readers know about it, of course, and promote it on Twitter and Facebook, but I felt it prudent to actually see it before doing so!

Now I’ve seen it, and at first I was a bit surprised by the resulting video, which you can see here.

Off-Grid.net's promo image puts me in with some pretty rough company (Image: Off-Grid.net).

Off-Grid.net’s promo image puts me in with some pretty rough company. Do I look tough enough?  (Image: Off-Grid.net).

I will not linger on the shock of seeing myself on video. We don’t have a lot of mirrors around our place, so I found myself a bit mesmerized. “Why does that one tooth shine so much?” “Why are my eyes shifting around like that?” I drank a cup of coffee through the interview. Had I known they would want to edit that out, I could have left it alone for the duration!

I got word from Nick yesterday (way late, thank you Gmail’s ridiculous SPAM filter!) that they divided the interview into two parts, so this is just the first of it.

Nick opened our conversation by asking about local “reality” shows. I hadn’t been prepared to discuss them, but, I’d heard a few rumors about one of the more popular shows, currently, and had researched a little bit. Even so, the clip’s focus on the topic surprised me.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that we don’t have broadcast television, and don’t hold any high opinions of “reality” television. I’ve written about this before (see Denying “Reality” and End of Times as Reality T.V.). I used to share casting calls on the blog occasionaly. Eventually, I realized the foolishness of a backwater blogger who needs to monetize his Website as much as possible providing free publicity for production companies! Now, I either ignore casting requests, or, if I remember, invite them to review our Advertising Page. I assure them that they will find our rates quite reasonable. Hopefully, that will get us taken off some call lists . . . .

Nick and I talked about other aspects of homestead life, and our situation specifically. It looks like they’ll release that in about a week. I look forward to that, since we’ll talk more about what we do, and why. When it posts, I’ll let you know.

All in all, I suppose I came off better this time than last time (see Back On the Air (Sort Of . . .)).

Funny, when I found Nick’s email in the SPAM filter, I also found yet another invitation to audition for another “reality” show. This one is something about small claims court—it has no relation to our lifestyle whatsoever. Instead of getting on fewer lists, we seem to have been added to more of them!

UPDATE 12/3/15: The second half of the interview is now available on line!

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