Looking for Unique Christmas Gifts?

As Christmas shopping begins, many of us face the daunting task of finding a one-of-a-kind gift for friends and loved ones. While many items appear on almost everyone’s wish list, many people take the time and effort to find something unique to give as a gift. Well, you’re in luck! Look no further than the Zeiger Family “Homestead” Store page!

The wooly mammoth Aly knitted roams the Zeiger Homestead Steppe briefly before being mailed to the client (Photo: Aly Zeiger)

The wooly mammoth Aly knitted roams the Zeiger Homestead Steppe briefly before being mailed to the client (Photo: Aly Zeiger)

We faced facts long ago: the items we offer for sale to the general public sell modestly, to put the best face on it. “Hardly at all” seems a more appropriate way to describe it. We offer these handcrafts and other items as micro incomes, to bring in a trickle of funds, and that’s exactly what we ended up with—trickles. This makes our wares perfect for those on your gift list who appreciate standing out from the crowd by wearing a T-shirt or other clothing with a slogan and artwork one doesn’t see often (if ever!), or reading a book almost no one else has read, just to provide a couple of examples. We’ve all heard the phrase; “Be the first on your block to . . . .” Shopping from the “homestead” store provides this opportunity. Forget the first on their block, your loved one will likely be the first in their state, region, or, in some cases, nation! Even our most mass produced items (or, even potentially mass produced) are uncommon.

We tend to take a lighter view of the future than many who live as we do (Original Artwork: Mark Zeiger).

(Original Artwork: Mark Zeiger).

So, as you gear up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the frantic Only-X-Number-of-Shopping-Days-Till-Christmas hysteria, consider gifts that no one else will give your family this year. Order early, to allow time—some items, like Aly’s knit animals are made to order (wait till you see her new line, hopefully available right after Thanksgiving!) and others, like author-signed copies of my books, need to be mailed from our little town in Alaska. Those who like to make gifts themselves should consider purchasing sifter plans in time to get one built before Christmas. In many cases, like the homemade soaps, quantities are limited. Time is of the essence! Shop now! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Only X number of shopping days till Christmas! If you have questions, requests, or have trouble ordering from the page, please email us directly, we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

(Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

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