Here and Gone Again

By , July 25, 2011

After what amounted to a long weekend, Aly’s off on a new adventure once again. Fresh from an archaeological field school in Canada, she’s moved in to town to serve as a Teaching Assistant with a local archaeological field school.

The local project is a class through the University of Alaska Southeast designed to teach local Natives skills that will allow them to monitor construction projects and other improvement projects on Native land that might impact heritage sites. Aly will use the experience she gained in Canada and at Yukon/Charley Rivers last summer to help out. She’ll earn money for college and get college credit for her effort. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

Not only that, but she’ll be living with the professor during the next two weeks. The professor and her husband own a very unusual house on the other side of town, which they’ve turned into a beautiful bed and breakfast.

The house is known locally as “the bomb shelter.” It’s built around an actual bomb shelter, apparently built by the man who invented the bar code. They say he searched the nation for the place he judged least likely to fall under nuclear attack, and built a safe house there. The house as it stands now is a big rambling place, decorated with archaeological artifacts from around the world.

We aren’t thrilled to have Aly gone so soon, but this opportunity is just too good for her to pass up. We can visit her, and she should be home over the weekends, so it won’t be like when she was up in Canada. Besides, the phone we ordered for her should arrive today, and she’s actually excited about it. We might get a few calls from her in the coming weeks.

We’re pretty proud of that girl. When she finishes this project, she’ll have 10 credits under her belt before entering college. She’s laid the groundwork for summer opportunities in our region, state, and community. She’s already working in her chosen field. Her future’s looking bright.


2 Responses to “Here and Gone Again”

  1. Virginia White says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. Thanks so much for showcasing our granddaughter, Stephanie, on her dog whispering skills. She has been dog sitting and walking for about three years! I’m also enjoying your book which Russ gave me for Christmas.

    Virginia White

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Hello Virginia. We were very pleased to meet Stephanie, and wished that Aly had been here to meet her. Russ and Cindy said she might come back–hopefully they’ll have an opportunity to get together then. I was so impressed with the way she handled Brodie. He was obviously totally devoted to her, responding to every subtle movement she made.

    I’m glad you liked the book!


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