A Good Dog Looking for a Good Home

By , July 20, 2011

We’re cat people, but we appreciate a good dog when we see one. Monday, we met a really good dog, and, as luck would have it, he needs a home.

One of the many blessings of life in Haines is a first rate animal shelter, Haines Animal Rescue Kennel (H.A.R.K.). Follow the link, if only to see the cute, short video, “Adopt a DAWG!” One of their innovations is that they let people “check out” dogs to take for a walk. This is an incredibly clever way to attend to a dog’s needs while encouraging adoption. After all, what’s a better way to judge an animal, in a kennel, (no matter how run) or out doing the things dogs should be doing, in the company of people?

Friends of ours in town have been checking out a dog that every day during their niece, Stephanie’s visit. She works with dogs in her home state of Texas. When they came out to see the homestead Monday, they brought one of only two dogs currently housed at H.A.R.K. (isn’t that great?). That’s how we met Brodie.

Brodie the H.A.R.K. dog

Stephanie and Brodie, on loan from H.A.R.K. He’s a good dog, and he needs a home! (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Brodie is apparently a malamute and border collie mix. The border collie side, at least, is stalwart and true, as we know well from long association with Dave and Anke’s late, lamented dog friend, Scuppers, whom Brodie greatly resembles.

We’ve thought long and hard over the years about a dog on the homestead. We probably never will have one, as my sisters have dogs, so we get an occasional puppy fix, but Michelle and my resolve on that decision was sorely tested during Brodie’s brief visit. This clean, handsome, well behaved dog impressed us mightily. Stephanie is, of course, a professional, and had him well in hand, but the way he responded to her attention, we could clearly see that he can be trained. We could easily imagine making such a good dog as this a part of the family.

You should know that we’re not that easily impressed. Haines has more than its share of really good dogs. Silent, intelligent, caring, well behaved dogs are more the rule than the exception here. Most of them are the product of good masters and mistresses. I don’t know who gets the credit for Brodie’s qualities, but someone deserves a pat on the back.

If you’re in the Haines area, and need a top notch canine companion, head to H.A.R.K. and ask for Brodie. Just be aware of two things: you may not get him until after Thursday, when Stephanie returns home. And, you should be prepared to help poor Brodie through the heartbreak he’s going to feel when she has to go.

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