Prom Pictures

Aly reports that last night’s prom was “fun!” Her friend, Rhyan, introduced her to a teammate, Zack, who asked her to be his date. She fit right in with the Juneau crowd, and also got to see a lot of her Haines friends.

The rest of it, we’ll hear about gradually over the next few days, as is her way. But, here are some photos.

Aly in her prom dress

Aly, ready for the prom. This is my favorite of the shots I took before leaving our friends' house. She made her necklace and earrings herself (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

final touches

One last adjustment on our hosts' deck (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Aly and Rhyan

Aly and Rhyan in front of the school (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

Aly and her date, Zack

Aly and her date, Zack (Photo: Rhyan Holmes).

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2 Responses to Prom Pictures

  1. Nancy Durbin says:

    She is beauiful !!

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    You’re very kind, Nancy. I agree. She favors her mother.

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