Our Summer’s First Hermit Thrush

This morning, Michelle and i sat at the table, enjoying a morning hot drink and gazing out the window. We noticed a newcomer to the front yard, a fairly non-descript bird that had a longer tail than our other recently returned songbirds. With binoculars, we “chased” it around as it flitted from cover to cover in the windbreak. Finally, it stopped briefly in a clear space, facing the cabin. We still didn’t make a positive identification, but I’m pretty sure it’s a thrush, possibly a Swainson’s, but probably my favorite, the hermit thrush.

We’ve been expecting their arrival somewhat, but I guess I’ve been thinking of them as coming later in the season. Now, looking back to last year’s posts on the blog and our wildlife journal, I see it’s right on time, if not, perhaps, a bit late.

I feel like the host of a party who has been waiting for a particularly important guest to arrive. We’ve greeted each seasonal return gladly, but the most anticipated arrival among the songbirds, for me, is the hermit thrush. Any time now, our mornings and evenings will be further sweetened by their song. Everyone’s here, the summer can begin.


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