Killer Whales Came in Close!

On Friday afternoon, while catching up the blog, I glanced out the window and saw a killer whale go by. We see them now and then, and have come to expect them in early February as a rule, but this time they weren’t way out in Lynn Canal, or over against the mountains on the far shore, they were practically in the dooryard!

orcas off the homestead rocks

A young male killer whale cruises in toward our veranda rocks (Photo: Aly Zeiger).

About 10 or more individuals, females, at least one calf, and possibly some young males (the very large dorsal fins of mature males were completely absent) fished for something in the water, along with screaming gulls overhead. They came in close to the shore, closer than we’ve ever seen them, about 20 feet off our rocks and heading closer. We saw them tail lob, which is when they slap the water with their tails, and spyhop, rising out of the water to look around. It was incredible!

Incidentally, today we’re doing something very different for the Super Bowl: this year we’re actually watching the game! My sister-in-law is still in town, at the local RV park, with cable, so we’re going to pack out some goodies and head over to watch the game with her. I don’t know which team we’ll root for, if any, probably whichever one she favors, but it’ll be a good time with family. No alternative Super Bowl day activities for us this year.

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