Drought Busted

By , June 17, 2019

You know your region needs rain when no one complains that a steady drizzle started minutes before the start time of one of the town’s biggest outdoor meals of the year.

Saturday, as we hiked out to attend the annual Fisherman’s Barbecue, the rain began. The forecast had said that we might get rain that day up until about 4:00, so we noted the irony of the timing.

In true Southeast Alaska fashion, the event went off with no hitches. In fact, we agreed among ourselves that we had the most fun at this year’s event than we’d ever had.

rainy day on the homestead

Socked in and soaking: the best way to be after little to no rain lately! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

In the past, we’ve had severe weather at the meal; it serves as the celebration of the completion of the Kluane Bike Relay Race, a big event here. Two years ago, the race got cancelled because of snow on the pass! We huddled and shivered at the barbecue. This year wasn’t that cold, but the tents that usually keep off the hot sun helped keep off the increasing rain.

We got heavy rain last night. Shortly after I said goodbye to Aly as she began her hike out to work, I heard an odd roaring sound. I stuck my head upstairs and listened, then realized that I had forgotten what heavy rain on our tin roof sounds like! The skies opened and dumped! I’ll need to watch for leaks in the roof, since I never took advantage of the dry period to clean the roof seams lately (see Leaky Roof).

But, it’s all welcome. While our part of Southeast Alaska is not included in the declared drought that the rest of the region has seen, many neighbors who rely on rain catchment are out of water; Michelle’s had to water the garden almost every day for weeks.

results of much-needed rain

Filling drip lines are a sure sign we’re getting the rain we need. The rhubarb seems happy, too (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Now, we’re probably going to be in pretty good shape! The rain gauge shows 1 and a  quarter inches so far, with another hour and a half before my “official” recording time. That’s going to do us good!

I likely won’t get much outside work done today, but that’s fine. The “busted” dry spell, if not drought, makes it all worthwhile.

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