“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!”

By , January 14, 2019

My apologies. I don’t really have a post for you today.

As the Beatles sang, “I read the news today, oh boy . . . .” I just learned that an artist and kindred spirit passed away. I had written what I felt to be an adequate tribute, intending to post it here, but the more I wrote, the less I felt right about it.

So, if you promise not to send any condolences to me, I’ll tell you a little about what’s going on, then leave it alone.

snow on the Zeiger family homestead

The weather matches my mood . . . and it’s time to sweep the solar panels again (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Eric Bealer and his wife, Pam, lived much like we do. They built boats like we did, lived off grid, and I think they were friends with my brother and sister-in-law. We own one of Eric’s block prints, a gift from that same brother and sister-in-law. We met Eric once, long ago, enjoyed visiting with him, and have kept an eye out for news of him and his wife ever since.

Saturday, I learned what most people who knew them have known since October: Eric and Pam “walked out into the forest.” Which is a more romantic way of saying they committed suicide.

While I have trouble condoning what they did, I have to admire them for living and dying on their own terms. That’s self-reliance!

You can read the article here.

One thing I learned through the piece: when Eric emigrated to Alaska, he started out in Haines!

I’m sad about this, and, as ever with this blog, I write what’s on my mind. This is what’s on my mind today, but I don’t feel right about writing much about it.

snow on the Zeiger family homestead

Another “sepia day” on the homestead (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

As I say, please do not offer me any condolences. I didn’t know them and love the Bealers as well as others do. They are more deserving of sympathy at this time. I’m just someone who liked them, and I feel sad they’re gone, as if a famous actor I particularly liked had passed. It’s a personal blow, but not one for which I ought to be comforted.

The world’s a poorer place for this loss. That is all.

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