I’m Back

By , July 9, 2018

Sorry to have disappeared. I’ve been off the homestead, totally absorbed in other projects lately.

My sister had to prove the seaworthiness of her sailboat in a nearby town, so she “hired” me to help her out. We spent Independence Day week fixing the boat, removing last winter’s tarps, and running it through sea trials.

Beth Z on Great Sea

Mark’s sister, Beth, at the helm of her boat during sea trials (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Well, that and a lot of eating, drinking, and visiting. We got together, just the two of us, for the first time since the “Grandparent Tour” we took several years ago (see To Grandmother’s House I Go…). As with that trip, we laughed a lot, and solved many of the problems of the world, if only others would listen to us.

Mark Z on Great Sea

Mark makes himself useful during sea trials. Actually, he is acting as lookout (Photo: Elizabeth A. Zeiger).

None of which has to do with the homestead, the main focus of this blog. But, now I’m back, and getting reoriented to homestead life.

We had a week of impressive heat and sunshine, which made our painting projects much easier. Michelle and Aly said the homestead, always cooler than town, hit highs in the mid-70s! The garden sure seemed a lot more advanced when I returned.

Now, as before, I have to shift back in to homestead mode. I have a new inverter to install, but that will need to wait for the specialized fuses I looked for while traveling, but had to order. I need to get back to cutting firewood, and I need to fish, but first, I have to haul in a car full of supplies purchased during the trip.

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