Life Without Refrigeration

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2 Responses to Life Without Refrigeration

  1. Charity says:

    I found this post via the link on the recent crab related post. I have lived without refrigeration at a few different points in my life – including Peace Corps as well as when I stay out at my Oregon place now. I have thought a lot about some type of cooler with a bit of cool running water through it in the shade, but worry more about bears than my yogurt going bad on me.

    But I wanted to share what I hope to do at some point – convert an old chest freezer to a small refrigerator. This guy’s experience is it takes .1Kwh/day.
    They sell the general appliance temperature controller put together or as a kit; but I’m sure you could figure it out yourself with your electrical experience.

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Hi Charity, this is amazing! Looks like he’s doing this open source, so the plans are all there. I see it’s 12 volt compatible, too. The hardest part about it might be hauling a chest freezer to the land, but it could be worth it. They’re always being given away free around here, it seems like. Thanks for the lead!

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