Kale in the Cracks

By , October 7, 2016

I take great pride in Michelle’s “green thumb,” but lately, things may have gotten a little bit out of hand!

When we gathered at the veranda for lunch one day, Aly noticed that the original benches have started sprouting Kale.

Kale in the cracks (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

Kale in the cracks (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

When we built the new veranda, we removed the old benches and set them aside. After I completed the deck (see The Deck’s Finished) we put the old benches back in place until I can get around to building their replacements.

However, while they were set aside, Michelle laid kale branches on the benches to dry the pods so we could collect the seeds. Apparently, some of the pods opened, spilling seeds on the old wood. A few of them eventually sprouted.

(Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger.)

(Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger.)

We discussed what, if anything to do about them. I urged leaving them, figuring that, as tough as kale can be, sitting on them wouldn’t only not bother them, it might actually help them grow—they’re just that stubborn!

I doubt they will survive, but we when we finish with the benches, we may keep them nearby just in case. These volunteers are definitely encouraging, though.

I don’t know that I’ve ever claimed that Michelle could grow anything anywhere, but if I did, I may not be very far from the truth.

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