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If a Tree Falls in a Windstorm, Does It Make a Sound?

By , December 29, 2019

Sometime Friday night, or more likely, early Saturday morning, a tree fell in the homestead compound. We heard a lot of crashing in the night, mostly from snow getting blown off tree branches above our roof. But, we didn’t hear the tree fall.

It had leaned from the hill above the cabin for as long as we can remember. Likely, it was leaning when we first saw the place. It finally fell in that night’s wind storm, falling across the trail that enters our dooryard, hanging up on the railing to the outhouse.

In fact, it almost blocked the way to the outhouse, which we found problematic. Necessity and experimentation proved we could get around it and into the outhouse, but we needed to move it off the trail!

Fallen tree

What a sight to wake up to! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Final Monthly Movie: December

By , December 24, 2019

Here is the 12th and final monthly movie! Once in every month of 2019, I went out onto our beach, stood on a specific rock, and took a short, sweeping video of the view from our PowerPoint to the beach south of it.

This is December’s movie, taken, predictably, on the Winter Solstice, right about the time the sun transited between the Coast Range and our southern point.

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