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Moonlight and Musings

By , May 28, 2019

A bunch of little stuff has happened here on the homestead, not enough to fill full posts, so: here’s some random news items, and photos of the moon!

A week ago Saturday, one of the Rainbow Glacier Adventures (RGA) guides who lives and works mostly in Skagway, came over to train with Aly for some specialty tours. Since I consider Rachel, the young woman, a “daughter of the homestead,” I recommended that she come spend the night here, as she’d need to overnight in Haines anyway. While here, she took a couple shots of that night’s full moon.

Rachel is one of RGA’s photo guides, and her photos are awesome! I’ve said it before: it’s one thing to love our homestead, but to see it through other’s eyes (and lenses, as the case may be) is even better!

But, as I said, news:

moon over the Coast Range, Southeast Alaska

Full moon in the homestead view (Photo: Rachel Deehan).

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Return of The Invisible Man

By , April 5, 2019

I won’t say I’ve gone into hiding since we closed the community presentation of Noises Off!, but . . . well, I’ve gone into hiding. No other way to put it, really.

picnic table

Me, sitting at the picnic table. Can’t see me? Did you read the title of the post? (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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