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Return of The Invisible Man

By , April 5, 2019

I won’t say I’ve gone into hiding since we closed the community presentation of Noises Off!, but . . . well, I’ve gone into hiding. No other way to put it, really.

picnic table

Me, sitting at the picnic table. Can’t see me? Did you read the title of the post? (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Hermit at Heart

By , April 27, 2018

The other day, fresh from the shower, I chose a clean pair of pants to wear. Seeing particular favorites, I quickly reviewed my coming week’s obligations and plans, then chose the pants. As I pulled them from the drawer and put them on, I felt tension flowing away from my body and mind, replaced by a rush of quiet euphoria as I realized that, for the next few days, I would stay home. Topping them with a favorite pullover hoodie sweatshirt, I felt complete, whole, and entirely happy.

I avoid wearing these pants, a pair of camouflage-patterned military fatigues, if I’m going to be seen by people outside my immediate family. I’ve been shy about wearing them since a lovely local woman gently and cleverly teased me about them (see Camo Clash). As much as I enjoyed the attention, I decided not to wear them in public anymore. I henceforth firmly identified them as “homestead pants.”

Mark in fatigues

Mark’s camouflage fatigues, not for general company (Photo: Russ White).

My point here, however, is the rush of emotion when I decided I would be largely alone at home for at least half of the coming week. I am close to accepting my introverted self. I have come to embrace my inner hermit.

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