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Nature Puts on a Show

By , February 24, 2012

Our lifestyle requires an awareness of the weather and seasons most Americans, outside the farming profession, have learned to live without. Keeping in tune with and abreast of the sometimes subtle, often dramatic shifts in conditions gives us a sense of contentment and excitement that is difficult to describe. This is why I’m fond of asserting that the view from our cabin windows is generally more interesting, and far better plotted, than most television shows.

For instance, on President’s Day, 9 inches of snow fell on the homestead within 5 hours. During this time, Lynn Canal lay still and calm, the water so satiny smooth that the falling snow accumulated on the water from our beach to the far shore, several miles away.

snow on Lynn Canal

Snow accumulating on the calm water (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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Solstice Sun

By , June 22, 2011

We got a warm, sunny day for the Summer Solstice yesterday after all. Burning the slash became pretty hot work, but it went well. A nice, hot, fast fire with no sparks, and very little smoke, extinguished by the rising tide after eight major slash piles had been reduced.

clouds on Lynn Canal

Clouds obscure The Mountain with No Name on the day before Summer Solstice (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

The day extended into a long, gorgeous evening, not hot, but plenty warm enough to be outside in T-shirts.

Unfortunately, the warm weather brought out a new hatching of horse and deer flies. They were slow and stupid, so we killed a lot of them, but one of them bit me on the wrist while I carried a double load of slash. This morning it’s swelled to the size of a silver dollar, and it itches and aches. It’s that time of year!

Hopefully, the yellow jackets and dragonflies will soon appear. They like to eat deer and horse flies, and are really good at catching them. The forecast is calling for cooler weather soon, so this outbreak shouldn’t last long.


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