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Maybe We Really Can Trust Weather Forecasts

By , August 22, 2018

One of the classic American truisms is that you can’t trust the weather report. We all learned at our parents’ knees that weather forecasts are unreliable, untrustworthy, comically inadequate.

Well, maybe in their day, but today one had best believe the forecast by default—in my opinion.

Take Tuesday, for instance.

The day’s weather forecast predicted that rain would start after 1 p.m.

Nevertheless, the morning dawned clear and calm. We saw a glorious sunrise (with not a touch of red—you know, “red sky at morning sailors/shepherds take warning”—at least that we saw).

Sunrise over Lynn Canal

Aly took this photo from her cottage window Tuesday morning (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

After some uncertainty, we decided to behave as if the forecast would prove true.

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Forecast Fatigue

By , July 26, 2010

Living as we do, depend heavily on the weather forecast. As you can imagine, we spend a fair amount of time each day listening to the weather band. We keep a weather radio handy in the “weather station,” a letter holder that hangs next to my place at the table, which includes tide books, a wind gauge, weather reference sheets, and sunrise/sunset tables. The wind up/solar radio in the outhouse is usually tuned to the weather band rather than the local radio station.

We understand that the science of weather prediction is constantly improving, and that significant advances have been made recently. Perhaps so, but they have yet to master predicting weather in Alaska’s Lynn Canal, which is, admittedly, a big place. Continue reading 'Forecast Fatigue'»

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