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March Roars In like a Lion

By , March 1, 2020

We had some seriously, notably calm weather the last days of February. Then, last night, a southerly gale came in at around 40 knots. We’ve seen worse on the first of March, (see March Arrives in Leonine Fashion) but it seems like plenty anyway. March is roaring in like a lion.

March Gale

We’ve seen worse weather, but we’ve also seen better . . . . (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Oddly, and perhaps inconveniently, considering the weather, I’m suddenly getting active. Yesterday, Michelle and I hiked out to the cars to haul in some laundry and groceries. I think it might have been my first hike out in weeks, and I only went as far as the road. In the coming week, I plan to go to town three times.

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Month of Renewal

By , March 7, 2015

Many different cultures regard March as a month of renewal. This year’s March, we definitely feel renewal in the air.

The recent period of low power while we figured out what was wrong with, and fixed, the wind generator brought the non-electric aspects of our “homestead” life into sharper focus. Electricity impacts only a small portion of our activities, but it facilitates those that can easily grow to displace all else. Watching movies, reading (by electric light), surfing the Internet, even writing this blog can consume days on end if we let them, taking time away from the more essential, more satisfying occupations around the property.

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