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Cat-Less Naps

By , May 31, 2014

My long standing prediction finally came true: our obnoxious cat has finally driven us from our home.

Spice, our perpetual baby, turns thirteen tomorrow. She has always been extremely needy. Sometimes, she expresses this by sitting quietly and companionably on someone’s lap. More often, she cries—loudly, and almost constantly for long periods. I love her, I just don’t like her a lot of the time. Continue reading 'Cat-Less Naps'»

An Alternative to Commercial Cat Litter

By , April 9, 2011

Yesterday, in describing our recent haul of goods to the homestead, I mentioned cat litter. I thought that I had talked about that before on this blog, but it turns out I hadn’t. This little tip seems far too good not to pass on.

We came to the homestead with our two cats, Lisa and Spice. Lissa has since passed on, but Spice remains an important part of the family (the most important, if you ask her). Indoor cats require cat litter. Acquiring new, and disposing of used, creates special problems on a semi-remote homestead. The common clay cat litter is heavy to pack, and becomes a disposal issue after use, since it doesn’t break down easily. Continue reading 'An Alternative to Commercial Cat Litter'»

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