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Shadow Play

By , April 27, 2012

The play of light on the homestead is fascinating, especially on sunny days. I finally uploaded a short film I recorded in the cabin toward the beginning of the month.

Sunlight reflecting off the ocean shined through our window and the oil lamp on the dinner table, creating this shadow on the shower wall. It looked like an animated film, so I recorded a bit of it to share.

Framing shadows come from the wood water heater smoke stack and a sport towel hanging on the drying rack.

I’m trying to shoot more video around the homestead. Hopefully we’ll have more short films to share before long.

Everything is Illuminated

By , May 19, 2011

The title of a movie I like came repeatedly to mind during a recent stretch of sunny weather: Everything Is Illuminated. Indeed, it was. Bright sunshine flooding our forest, combined with the seasonally rapid increase in the amount of daylight each day, cast a glow over our landscape that became positively disorienting. Repeatedly, during the period, I became “lost” in the forest, unable to recognize my surroundings, even as I followed known landmarks on a well-used trail. Continue reading 'Everything is Illuminated'»

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