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Noises Off!

By , March 30, 2019

Tonight and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll appear in Noises Off by Michael Frayn on stage in Haines. That will end a four-show run, and over two months of rehearsing, often 6 days a week.

If you’ve noticed any decline in blog quality since January, this is largely why! I tend to write about what’s on my mind. I’ve had time for little else since February, with a few read-through evenings in January; I didn’t want to dwell on it here, as I did with past productions of Incorruptible (see “The Show Must Go On”) and, particularly, The Lion in Winter. But, I need to acknowledge it. Even as I attended to the work of the homestead, which has sadly taken second place to this commitment, I did so with the lines recordings playing in my ears.

If you’ve seen the play, or at least the movie, I play Frederick Fellowes/Philip Brent, or, in the short hand everyone seems to understand, I’m “the nose-bleed guy.” Which, of course, means that of all the trouser-dropping that occurs in the course of the play’s action, I’m the actor who spends the most time with his pants around his ankles. My late mother would be so proud! The show’s humor is rather broad . . . .

Noises Off still detail

Mark, a.k.a. Freddie, prepares for his next disaster or humiliation (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Opening Night!

By , November 24, 2017

It starts tonight! As Henry II says at one point: “I hope you’ll all attend.” Wish that were possible.

Lion in Winter poster, Haines Alaska

(Poster Design: Amanda Randles.)

See also this great article by Clara Miller in The Capital City Weekly, our regional newspaper!

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