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Camo Clash

By , July 29, 2011

Wearing camouflage is a fashion statement of sorts in Alaska and elsewhere. It can mean many things: an enthusiasm for hunting, service in, affinity for, or conscious imitation of the military, rebellion, machismo—like most vanity license plates, its true meaning is known only to the wearer, yet stands open to interpretation by the observer.

I have only recently become reconciled to wearing camouflage when I’m not hunting. I’m still shy about wearing it in public, although many people do here. Recently, a pretty lady in the grocery store teased me for wearing a pair of camo trousers, saying that she couldn’t see me in the aisle. I didn’t have the wit to reply, “at least not from the waist down.”

camoflauge outfit

Where is that Blackwell character when he’s needed? Probably not out in the woods, where you’ll find this fashion victim committing “camo clash” (Photo: MIchelle Zeiger).

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Dispatch #1 from the Alaskan Moose Hunting Grounds

By , September 24, 2009

This year’s Tier II Subsistence Moose Hunt isn’t going well. Harvest numbers are down, while illegal kills are way up. If the better hunters are bagging illegal bulls, my chances must be slim indeed!

To be legal, a moose must have the proper antler configuration. This limits the number of bulls that can be taken, and culls non-trophy antler configurations. It also means that once a hunter finds a moose, he or she must spend extra time examining the animal to make sure its antlers are “legal.”  Imagine playing “how many fingers?” with an enemy soldier on the battleground. Continue reading 'Dispatch #1 from the Alaskan Moose Hunting Grounds'»

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