This Thanksgiving We’re Thankful for the Spirit of Adventure

By , November 26, 2009

Each Thanksgiving we mark seems to find us even more grateful than the last. Our lives are so very blessed that it hardly seems right to focus our thankfulness on a single day each year. We don’t of course—we just nourish our thankfulness with turkey on this particular day!

A small sample of the Harvest Homestead. Happy Thanksgiving!

A small sample of "Harvest Homestead." Happy Thanksgiving!

To list all we’re grateful for would take far too long, and grow tedious to anyone but us. Therefore, this Thanksgiving, let me say simply that I am most thankful for the Spirit of Adventure.

The Spirit of Adventure led a young couple to develop a pie slice of land on the shore of Lynn Canal over 20 years ago into an excellent little homestead.

The Spirit of Adventure led that couple to leave their perfect little home to try something new. This decision makes us very sad, although we’re eternally grateful they made it. If they hadn’t, they never would have put the property up for sale, and we wouldn’t have been able to buy it!

The Spirit of Adventure, of course, led us to do that—and we’re grateful that we had the courage to take the risk, pay the costs, and take the leap to a wonderful new life.

The Spirit of Adventure has sustained us here, encouraging us, consoling us, and driving us on. For that, we’re grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you too are too grateful to list all you’re thankful for this year. And may the Spirit of Adventure touch you, too.

If you’re the type of people who, like us, start celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving dinner, or the next morning, we’ve got a short story you may enjoy. It’ll be posted here on the blog around noon Alaska time (4:00 p.m. Eastern).

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