“But Enough About Myself. What Do YOU Think of Me?”

By , October 19, 2013

Me, me, me, I, I, I, we, us, we, us. You’d think this blog is all about the Zeiger family or something.

Well, for today, here’s what someone else thinks about us!

You may recall our story about a visit from Sarah and Hani, who are traveling the country in their homemade RV, Skyhorse (see Skyhorse Comes to Mud Bay). Now, they’ve posted their impressions of the visit on their blog.

I love the photos they took of our place. I also appreciate Hani’s lyricism in describing us!:

“I love their spirit—a spirit nesting in the treasure of nature. In our contemporary world that encourages making our lives convenient and lavish, the Zeigers have ignored this and followed their hearts. It affirms that those that follow their hearts receive rewards that are hidden in the waves of conformity.”

We need to put that in the brochure!

Climbing the first hill toward home (Photo: Hani or Sarah, swiped from their blog post)

It’s refreshing and flattering to learn someone else’s take on our “homestead.” You can read it here.

Incidentally, the boat they saw north of town is one of my brother, Dave’s designs, available on his Web site.

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  1. Linn Hartman says:

    Been following you on a daily basis for probably over a year now – Always enjoy your articles – some I relate to and some I don’t – followed the link to your guest site – really nice comments and pics – check out ‘Black Kettle Scrap House’ on you tube- Camped next to BK at the Ft. Bridger WY Mountain Man gathering last month-Good Guy and the real deal-Plus kept the water hot for coffee-Also follow your brother’s blog and the Vermont Sail Freight Project using his Trillo boat design-Keep things going-have a good weekend

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