Deodorant “Refresh”

By , December 14, 2016

In weird and sometimes rather unsettling ways, this blog has come to serve as a diary of sorts.

For instance: a while back I posted an essay recommending the deodorant crystals we use (see Deodorant Crystals for Frugal, Effective Hygiene). I did that to mark an event against which I can check at a later time.

Now, that time has come.

On or close to the date of posting the original essay, February 5, 2014, I opened a new deodorant crystal, and started using it. I used it up until the morning of December 8, 2016, when the marble-sized remnant of the crystal slipped from my fingers and shattered into fragments on the counter.

Now, looking back at the blog, I see that this particular deodorant lasted, with virtually daily use, for 2 years and 10 months.

I would call that cost effective! We have a lot of reasons for choosing this particular type of hygiene product, but longevity provides a definite plus.

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