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Slow Decompression

By , March 21, 2017

I returned to the homestead five days ago, but the “decompression period” in which I re-emerse myself in the homestead has taken longer than it has in the past (see Decompression).

This is largely because circumstances have required me to visit town far more frequently than usual.

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Almost Home

By , March 15, 2017

I’m sitting in the cozy living room of my friends’ Juneau back loop home, coffee in hand, looking out on a good 8 inches of fresh snow. Michelle and Aly used snowshoes to get home from work last night, and to get out again today. We haven’t pulled out snowshoes in several winters, and yet, here we are.

I’m glad it’s snowing at home. That means the deep freeze they’ve been in for a while will ease. The cabin water froze, as apparently did much in town. I’ll need to hit the ground running in that regard.

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