“Bad” Weather isn’t So Bad

By , November 13, 2010

Since we live the way we do, I try very hard not to think of any weather as “bad.” The weather is what it is, and every variation has a breath-taking beauty, if we only take the time and effort to appreciate it.

But then, there are days like yesterday. We got so much rain the dooryard became one large, shallow (thankfully) puddle. Every trip to the outhouse required booting up, even though we usually manage to make these trips in our house moccasins. Standing outside even for a moment exposed one to a shower of heavy, cold drops from the branches overhead whipping around in the wind. The weather report told us to be ready for ¼ inch of rain or more. It was one of those days when “grinning and bearing it” just seemed like too much work. Definitely a “Hunker Down day.”

But then, it’s hard to complain about the weather when it gives you an excuse to have a day like yesterday. Aly and I finished up the last of the chicken pot pie she’d made, so we could wash up the best pie plate. We needed it to make pumpkin pie out of one of our Jack-o-Lanterns. Two of our hoard of butternut squashes are going bad, so we processed them and made a delicious dinner, an experimental bread pudding-like inspiration of Aly’s. We spent the day editing video from earlier this week and playing on the Internet, since we had electricity to burn from all the wind. We also read a lot. The wood stove kept us warm, we were happy together, we had all we needed, except Michelle. She’s working in town this week, but we’re making it without her, and she’ll come home today.

Here’s the video we made to promote Shy Ghosts Dancing (now accepting preorders!). We posted it on YouTube last night.

4 Responses to ““Bad” Weather isn’t So Bad”

  1. Ekij says:

    Reading this at lunchtime.
    Adobe Flash is blocked on my work computer.
    Can’t seem to find it on YouTube?
    Can you point at the YouTube link (is it still on YouTube?)

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Ekij, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/alaskamaz , scroll toward the older videos.

    But, don’t get your hopes up! It’s quick and silly, nothing earthshaking!

  3. Ekij says:

    Thanks, found it, watched it.
    (In case anyone else is looking back through the archives it’s called “Did you see it?”, you tube search didn’t find it when I searched for “Shy Ghosts Dancing”)

  4. Mark Zeiger says:

    EKij, brilliant! It hadn’t occurred to me to tell you what it was called! Sometimes, I can’t get out of my own way . . . .

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