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The Car Conundrum

By , January 14, 2018

The content you’re looking for is no longer here. We’re finally beginning to shut this blog down, to remove old content.

We’ve chosen to start with essays that are available elsewhere. Specifically, this article has been edited into our eBook, More Calories Than Cash: Frugality the Zeiger Homestead Way. It contains edited, improved, and expanded versions of essays that used to be available for free on this blog, and new material as well. You can learn more about it, and order it here.

Common Scents

By , July 20, 2017

For a long time, I’ve been aware of scent warmers, devices that heat scented wax with a tea light or electricity to scent a room. I never quite saw the logic of these devices. After all, if one wants to melt aromatic wax, that’s what scented candles are for, right?

I even like the color! …of the current wax, anyway. (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

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