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Where Do I Start?

By , January 27, 2020

Here I am, facing a self-imposed deadline to post on the blog today. But, where do I start?

So much has happened in the last few days. I have no photos to back it up, nor do I have the will to detail it all. And yet, so much has happened!

We’ve had winter weather, let’s put it that way. As usual, it doesn’t match some of what the lower 48 has faced recently, but it created its own challenges for us here on the homestead.

Homestead view before thaw

This is what it looked like here yesterday (January 26, 2020) (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Enforced Hunker Down Days

By , January 12, 2020

Early on in our life here on the homestead, we embraced the concept of the Hunker Down Day (see “Hunker Down” Days). I’m not sure, but I believe that post holds the record for most words—at any rate it’s way longer than the majority of our posts.

Even so, part of the reason it’s so long is that it goes into what often happens on a regular “Hunker Down Day”: after we decide to stay put, to shelter in place, we often get out and do things outdoors after all.

So, lately we’ve had Hunker Down Days that to me feel downright celebratory. Michelle and I took a moment to examine precisely why.

wind on Alaska's Lynn Canal

The wind had laid down considerably by the time I got bundled up to take a few daylight photos (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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