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Solving Our Smoking Problem

By , January 2, 2019

We have battled a smoke problem in our cabin for a while. Recently, it reached a head, and Michelle discovered a simple, easy solution.

Occasionally, we seemed to get too much smoke from the wood stove or the old water heater. Once or twice, it got so bad that a freshly lit fire retained all the smoke it produced in the wood stove, where it leaked out of every crack, filling the cabin with eye-watering smoke. We had to open windows everywhere, often letting in more cold that we could dispel with the fire! We wore filter masks until breakfast to prevent breathing the smoke.

We noticed this more often after I installed the new water heater (search term “Iron Giant” in window above). Naturally, since we had to reconfigure the wood stove chimney to vent the water heater, we assumed that we had messed up the draw in the process.

smoking chimney

Homestead smoke behaving properly (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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“The Iron Giant’s” Back Story

By , December 15, 2018

We’re settling in to life with “The Iron Giant,” the home-built wood-fired hot water heater we recently installed in the cabin. It has an interesting history.

A good friend in town gave us the heater to use as long as we need it. He used it at his off-grid cabin long ago; it sat unused for about 25 years, so he’s glad someone can put it to use again.

Here’s its story, as he told it to me. I’ve edited it to preserve my friend’s privacy:

My friend used to sell a lot of Agua Heaters, the Mexican-made wood-fired water heater we’ve used since moving to the homestead in 2006 (see Keeping Clean on the Homestead). One day, a repeat customer came to him with a proposition: he’d grown tired of burning out Agua Heaters, and decided he could build a similar, better heater himself. He proposed that if my friend would pay to ship the stainless steel needed for the project, he would build two heaters, one for himself, and one for my friend.

wood-fired water heater

The heater, showing some of the original plumbing configuration (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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