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Memory Found!

By , June 8, 2013

My Franklin Covey planner has returned to me!

I went to town yesterday to run some errands, and decided to stop by our friend Ralph’s Garage Sale Store (see Museum of Lost Desires), one of the two places I last had the planner. I intended to browse, mostly, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to retrace my steps a little more.

It seemed like a long shot. Michelle had looked through the place twice, and Ralph had been looking for it ever since. I’d given it up for lost (see Memory Loss).  Still, I had the time, so I stopped by. Continue reading 'Memory Found!'»

Memory Loss

By , June 5, 2013

The Unthinkable happened June 1st: After 18 years of constant use, my Franklin-Covey Planner has gone missing.

I say “gone missing” because, while I’d prefer to think that I lost it, it appears likely that someone stole it.

NOTE: I was wrong, no one stole it. I got it back! Find out more by reading Memory Found!

Continue reading 'Memory Loss'»

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