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I’m Back

By , July 9, 2018

Sorry to have disappeared. I’ve been off the homestead, totally absorbed in other projects lately.

My sister had to prove the seaworthiness of her sailboat in a nearby town, so she “hired” me to help her out. We spent Independence Day week fixing the boat, removing last winter’s tarps, and running it through sea trials.

Beth Z on Great Sea

Mark’s sister, Beth, at the helm of her boat during sea trials (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Back Homestead

By , October 20, 2014

Well gang, I’m back. And, as you can see, I haven’t found a new pun on “homestead” to title the essay. I guess I’m still kind of wiped out by the trip.

I enjoyed the visits, seeing new places, stepping back in time to experience early autumn again. But, I’m relieved and delighted to be home.

I’m sorry I didn’t blog as often as I might have. I came up with some observations that are no worse than many I’ve expressed here, but finding the time to isolate myself and write them properly proved difficult. Any time I could spend with family is precious, of course, better spent in their company than pounding out another blog post. I hope you forgive the lapse. I hope I can get back into the old writing schedule now that I have returned. Continue reading 'Back Homestead'»

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