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Squirrel Dark Ages Descend

By , July 8, 2017

Evening begins to envelop a small farmstead when the princess—weary, sobbing, quietly fearful—stumbles into the protection of an outbuilding porch.

Unseen, nearby, cold and calculating eyes follow her furtive movements.

Overhead, a black form slips silently down from the sky, materializing in an inky figure that seems draped in funereal robes. It lands on a branch in a nearby tree, where it stares—totally focused and hungry—on the princess, oblivious of the other watcher. It stands in complete silence—a hunter, a warrior, wholly absorbed by the movements of its intended prey.

The princess cowers against the covered machinery in the porch, waiting. The watcher on the ground grunts, or moves, or betrays his presence in some other way, sending the hunter winging away into the gloom.

Had she just been rescued? Hardly. The watcher turns and walks away to fetch his weapon. He, too, wants the princess dead, only slightly less than the hungry black hunter.

Things sure got out of hand quickly, friends!

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Praised Today, Prey Tomorrow

By , May 27, 2017

“The squirrel—” Michelle’s outrage and alarm choked off her sentence, unfinished.

“What could it be doing now?” I thought.

It had to be something far worse than what it had just been doing: drinking out of the hummingbird feeder (see The Queen Must Die). After that, it scrambled around in the top of the cherry tree. At first, I thought it might be chasing the hummingbirds that gathered around another feeder there. Squirrels apparently raid bird nests to eat baby birds. As feisty as hummingbirds are, it wouldn’t surprise me much if squirrels hunted them.

Then Michelle gathered her composure and explained what she had just seen: the squirrel was eating the cherry blossom buds!

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