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“A Calm Day Soothes the Soul”

By , May 6, 2019

Sunday morning we rose to a calm, wet morning, and it felt wonderful!

We’ve had sunshine for quite a while, then we transitioned to cloudier weather through a day or two of wind. The next morning, a sense of stillness permeated everything.

Michelle slept particularly well the night before, and arose elated. She pronounced: “A calm day soothes the soul.”

calm, wet morning

Ahh! Sweet relief. The transparent panels in the grow boxes protect seedlings from the previous day’s drying winds (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Spring Breaks

By , March 27, 2019

It seemed too cliché to be true, but spring really seemed to kick into high gear on March 19th.

I find that date significant: our latitude’s spring equinox, the day when hours of light and dark balance out, fell on March 18th this year. The “official” spring equinox, the one on the calendars, fell on March 20th (see An Unequal Vernal Equinox). On the day between, everything seemed to click, we tipped the balance from wintry weather to spring. Spring broke, one might say.

Zeiger homestead view

Spring breaks! It’s finally feeling, and looking like, spring (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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