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Irish Halloween Bread! Barmbrack

By , October 22, 2019

We just passed the first anniversary of our trip to Ireland (see Every Sign a Song Cue). The whole country seemed to be preparing for Halloween, which gave us a chance to observe some local customs, such as sampling Barmbrack, a type of Irish sweet bread most often associated with Halloween.


Aly’s barmbrack, Irish Halloween bread (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Witches Brew, Domestic or Feral

By , October 28, 2014

Halloween has come ’round again. This year, as almost every year, we turn to family traditions, some of which have become, shall we say: less traditional.

At some point in my childhood, my mother introduced the family to witches brew, a dish that became traditional Halloween night fare. Continue reading 'Witches Brew, Domestic or Feral'»

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