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Simple Gifts: A Cherished Christmas Decoration and “Friend”

By , December 24, 2017

Every year, as we pull out our Christmas decorations, we anticipate seeing an old friend: Bob the snowman.

“Bob” has been with us so long that we no longer remember, for sure, exactly where he came from.

Here’s what we do know: Michelle and I picked up this tiny plastic snowman at a Hallmark store, probably somewhere in Oregon, near Christmas, somewhere around 1983 – 1984 (the design is copyrighted 1983). We named him Bob immediately, for reasons we forget.

toy snowman

Bob, our tiny, long-time Christmas friend (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Simple Living: The Parable of Pilot Bread

By , January 7, 2016

I’ve stated a couple times in the recent essays on frugality (see Homestead Core Values: Frugality) that one of our advantages in keeping costs low is our love of simple food. I don’t think there’s a much simpler food anywhere than pilot bread.

For some unknown reason, Alaskans and Hawaiians eat a lot of pilot bread. The State of Alaska put out an Alaskan food pyramid some time ago, which actually includes pilot bread!

I have enjoyed a long and disparate relationship with this dry, somewhat bland flat cracker. I remember it in our pantry soon after Mom and Dad moved us back to Alaska when I was a child.

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