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Good Morning, Starshine!

By , September 20, 2016

I subscribe enthusiastically to the idea of playing certain music for certain occasions. Last weekend, the occasion required me to broadcast Good Morning Starshine throughout my tiny cottage (see The Many Lives of Shell Cottage). Sunshine streamed gently through my eastern windows, and the cottage filled with light.

I felt as if I had accomplished quite a feat.

(Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger.)

Shell Cottage’s passage to upstairs (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger.)

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The Many Lives of Shell Cottage

By , August 27, 2016

On my family’s property, just out of sight of the main cabin, there sits a small greenish building with a shed roof. The porch looking over the water is full of odds and ends of boat paraphernalia, much of which was there when I first saw it. If you duck into the door-porch and look up the hill behind the building, there is a small outhouse, with stories of its own (see Dang! There Goes the Outhouse!).

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