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A Bleak Morning on the Beach

By , April 29, 2013

April may be winding down, but the cold weather still hangs on. Sunday morning I carefully crossed the snow covered rocks to the beach on my way to forage the low tide.

Our current tide cycle isn’t the lowest of the year, but it’s the lowest one of the spring. We’re preparing the gardens for the coming growing season. As in years past, we use the lowest April tide to gather sea stars to fertilize the garden.

Saturday’s tide actually hit the lowest mark of this cycle, -3.9 feet, but I gave that tide up to go to town for the first day of the annual Hospice Rummage Sale. Seeing heavy winds predicted for Sunday in the weather report, I decided to cross the bay in the lighter winds, and beachcomb on the windy day, because I could go back home and get a hot drink as soon as I needed it.

A cold day at the end of April! (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

A cold day at the end of April! (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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Reaching for the Sea Stars

By , March 21, 2011

This morning, just before 9:00 am local time, we had a pretty decent low tide. Not an extreme low, as many news sources blithely reported because of the recent “super moon” (where do these people get their information?) just one low enough to get some important work done, -3.8 foot. That important work  is gardening.

sea stars under rock

The sea star, terror of the ocean floor, boon to the homestead garden (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

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