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Making Gift Bags to Replace Gift Wrapping

By , December 30, 2018

Last Christmas, Michelle surprised us all with gifts presented in a unique, lovely, and environmentally responsible way: she made reusable cloth gift bags for many presents.

This Christmas season, we did it again, expanding our selection and use. It’s time to share this with everyone, especially considering articles just out this season, like this one: It’s Officially Time To Ban Gift-Wrapping Paper.

homemade Christmas gift bags

Homemade gift bags surround Aly’s overflowing Christmas stocking, among paper wrapped gifts last year (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Gift Boxes that Save Favorite Paper Designs

By , August 24, 2015

We take shopping for wrapping paper seriously. We feel that it contributes significantly to gift-giving occasions, enough to spend money on a product that will, essentially, get used once and thrown away.

While we often “settle” for free or bargain-priced secondhand wrapping paper, we choose new wrapping papers carefully, not only for economy, but aesthetics—we only buy patterns we really like. Because of this, we become particularly attached to a few patterns. For example, we had a roll of Christmas paper with a Victorian theme, featuring a cherubic blonde child that bore a striking resemblance to Aly as a toddler. After the paper got used up, we preserved a small piece of it in Aly’s Christmas journal.

I’ve spoken before on the transitory nature of beauty (see Develop Healthy Attitudes Toward Your Belongings). While I continue to feel that transience enhances beauty to a certain extent, I will try to preserve that beauty when possible. Usually, that means carefully unwrapping gifts, and setting the paper aside to use again.

A gift box that preserves a favorite wrapping paper (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

A gift box that preserves a favorite wrapping paper (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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