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Noses (Or Beaks) to the Grindstone

By , November 11, 2019

On a recent morning, we listened to Bird Note on our local radio station. The narrator drew an analogy for how hard birds actually work to survive with the phrase “. . . putting their beaks to the grindstone . . .” prompting a look and a grimace between Aly and me. It sounded horrible, much worse, apparently, than the more common phrase, “putting one’s nose to the grindstone.” Really? I’d never thought how awful that phrase was, either.

Awful or not, it’s a phrase well ensconced in our cultural lexicon, and it fits. For better or worse, we are definitely applying our noses to the grindstone around here.

Root Cellar

The “second” root cellar (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Colder Weather

By , October 22, 2012

At about this time last year I first heard a song I really like, Colder Weather by the Zac Brown Band (paid link). I listen to it a lot, since then, especially when the weather suits it. Just lately, though, it would serve well as a theme song for what we’re experiencing.

A few days ago our weather turned clear and colder. The wind switched to the north, and has been blowing gales most days since, with sustained winds up to 40-45 knots (46-51 mph).

This is perfect.

The weather turns colder over Lynn Canal

A brisk afternoon (photo: Mark Zeiger).

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