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Patreon “Things” for January 2020

By , January 21, 2020

Yesterday at noon I posted this month’s “things” for our Patreon patrons. Homestead Patrons get a short essay introducing green laundry concepts.

frozen laundry

I was pretty proud of my laundry skills back in the day (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Changes to Patreon for 2020

By , January 3, 2020

We started a Patreon account last March, to help monetize this blog, in hopes of making what has been a non-paying “job” for the last 10 years pay a bit back (see We’re Launching a Patreon Page).

It hasn’t been easy. Despite the hoopla, Patreon isn’t nearly as straightforward as it’s presented. So, we’ve changed things around a bit, to hopefully improve patron benefits.

Patreon page for Zeiger Family Homestead

Our Patreon page (Screen capture).

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