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Minke in March

By , March 30, 2013

Yesterday, I’d just returned to the cabin with a load of firewood. I took it out to dry on our “Power Point,” the ridge of rock that houses our wind generator and solar panels.

The still air carried sound from the far shore of Lynn Canal, where the sea lions held forth, as they do every day on their rowdy haul out. Then I heard a whale surface and blow.

That’s always exciting here—as often as it happens, we never grow tired of it. This one, however, was different. The exhalation sounded like a humpback whale, but the dorsal fin that appeared was sharper and higher.

I’d spotted a minke whale.

minke whale

That tiny, blurry speck is pretty exciting evidence that a minke whale has returned to our neighborhood (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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A Minke Whale Returns to Upper Lynn Canal

By , April 12, 2011

Yesterday morning, Aly commented that she saw a porpoise out in Lynn Canal. A while later I glanced up and saw the same thing, but recognized right away that something was different. An animal with a sickle shaped dorsal fin surfaced momentarily, but the exposed body was far too long for our little harbor porpoises. I grabbed a pair of binoculars and went out to investigate. I patiently waited, watching the patch of water where I’d last seen it. Eventually, the animal reappeared. There can be little doubt: it’s a minke whale.

Minkes are fairly rare around here, and very hard to see. They’re a small baleen whale, about the size of an adult killer whale. They don’t create much of a vapor plume when they blow, and they generally don’t arch their backs or show their tails when they dive. Continue reading 'A Minke Whale Returns to Upper Lynn Canal'»

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