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The Challenge: Monetize the Blog

By , February 25, 2019

It’s hard for me to believe that, come August 28th, this blog will be 10 years old!

Even though our primary purpose in starting the blog didn’t include making money from it, blogs are, primarily, meant to generate income, to be “monetized,” as they say.

Spoiler Alert: we aren’t turning the blog into a “Pay-for-Play” site. Our blog content has always been, and will almost certainly remain free.

Zeiger Family Homestead donation block

The donation block, our main monetizer, on each of our website pages (Mark A. Zeiger).

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Homestead Going Dark for Summer Solstice

By , June 20, 2018

Ironically, as we approach the Summer Solstice, the blog’s likely to go dark. But, that’s because it’s the solstice.

You may remember that, in 2015 when we installed our new solar array, I thought that we should replace our aging and ailing battery bank. I researched and settled on a new bank of nickel-iron batteries (Ni-Fe) (see Power Shift: A New/Old Battery Bank), an Edison invention (or, at least Edison patented—I read history, and agree with this hilarious encapsulation from The Oatmeal). But, much to our delight, the new solar array “healed” our battery bank, infusing it with new life.

Now, three years later, it’s time to go ahead and get the new batteries going, rather than wait another year to do so.

Edison Ni-Fe battery bank

The new Edison battery bank under construction, inside the front porch (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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