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Summer Shift

By , June 7, 2019

The summer season has arrived, and the homestead has entered the Summer Shift.

The Summer Shift not only encompasses all the homesteading activities that take place in summer—cutting and hauling firewood, fishing, gardening, construction, improvements and repair, and more—but, perhaps paradoxically, adjusts to accommodate those of us who have less time to devote to these activities.

Tourships in Lynn Canal

Evening rush hour: a couple of cruise ships head south down Lynn Canal (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Benign Neglect

By , April 27, 2016

As Michelle’s town job gears up for the summer tourist season, I’m busy preparing for a community play. Consequentially, we’re not spending as much time on the work of the homestead as we would like. Even so, the enterprise continues to progress.

We might consider this benign neglect.

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