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Reliable Work Gloves: Winter

By , March 24, 2019

As I explained in the previous post, Work Gloves: Summer, winter (i.e. cold weather) gloves are more expensive and harder to come by.

woman in deep snow

Michelle goes deep in the winter of 2016. I believe she’s wearing a pair of the “weatherproof” gloves described below (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Reliable Work Gloves: Summer

By , March 21, 2019

Since we’ve recently covered essential homestead tools (see A Homesteader’s Toolbox and A Good Pair of Goggles to Protect the Eyes, we should probably cover work gloves as well.

Two things: Yes, I wear work gloves. Call me a wimp if you’re too manly for gloves yourself, but a) I’m married, and like to make my wife happy, and b) most of our homestead work involves firewood, meaning lots of splinters and pitch. One only takes so many slivers under one’s fingernails before one learns to glove up, and I’ve never heard of a callus that could prevent that.

The second thing: I quickly figured out I should split this topic over two posts to cover summer and winter gloves, i.e. warm weather and cold weather protection.

The main problem with work gloves is how quickly we go through them. I’ve become a bit obsessed with finding “The Right Pair of Gloves” in my price range.

worn out work gloves

A well-loved, rather expensive pair of work gloves after less than 6 months’ use (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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