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Frissant Fireworks

By , August 13, 2016

Tuesday morning, at 4:30, all was quiet. Suddenly, a shot rang out!

I thought I was having a bad dream. Not “bad” in the nightmare sense, but as in poor quality. Michelle and I jolted awake.

“Sounds like breaking glass,” Michelle said. We immediately looked for the cat, and found her on the bed with us. She, too, sat up and looked around in confusion.

A wine bottle had exploded under the stairs, in “the wine cellar.”

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Autumn Wines

By , September 23, 2015

Saint Matthew’s Day, September 21st is a traditional weather marker associated with the grape harvest:

“Saint Matthew’s Day, bright and clear, brings good wine in the next year.”

Well, crap. Not this year, not in our region last Monday.

I’m not deterred, though. We don’t grow our own grapes. We’re enjoying the fruits of our wine making, even as we move into another season of more intense activity.

A glass of Homestead Red and "termination dust" (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

A glass of Homestead Red and “termination dust” (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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