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Every Sign a Song Cue

By , October 24, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle and I hiked home, returning to our homestead after more than a month away. Now, with a nice fire warming the cold logs of the cabin, a proper breakfast and a real cup of home ground coffee under my belt, and my trusty computer at hand, The Zeiger Family Homestead Blog returns to life.

What an amazing trip. We were away 34 days, but it felt more like a year—in a good way!

west coast sunset

The sun sets off the Oregon coast, Neskowin, early in the trip (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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The Zeigers Head to Ireland!

By , September 15, 2018

We’re embarking on a major family trip starting this coming week.

First, we’ll go to the Oregon coast to gather with friends from our college days. A group of us have periodically met at the family beach house of one member, a place that played a major role in our college life, including Michelle’s and my courting, way back in the last century. This gathering will be our first in 9 years. Last time we held a reunion, we celebrated Aly’s 16th birthday there.

But that’s just a pleasant prelude to the main event: the Zeiger family next heads to Ireland!

Aly in Ireland

Aly in Ireland, at the “Quiet Man Bridge” 2014 (Photo: Sasha Barnes).

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