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Fixing the Date

By , December 3, 2012

The phrase “fixing the date” has always seemed a bit odd to me, but I’ve always understood its meaning. This year, however, we’re using it in the sense of repairing a mistake. This Christmas season, we’re literally fixing a date.

If you’ve followed this blog much, you know that holidays are very important to us, and that the Christmas season is perhaps the most important of all. Our Christmas holiday, stretching from the day after Thanksgiving to January 6th each year, encompasses a list of major and minor holidays. This list includes one or two we’ve made up ourselves, such as our beloved First View.

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First View and the Feast of St. Nicholas

By , December 6, 2011

Today is the Feast of Saint Nicholas, a day we like to observe as part of our Christmas celebration. Yesterday, the Eve of Saint Nicholas, is a family anniversary we refer to as First View, the day we first visited the homestead. We find it a bit hard to believe that we made that first visit seven years ago today. (Actually, we didn’t. We figured out in 2012 that we actually first saw the homestead December 4, 2004.)

Reflecting yesterday on the changes we’ve made from that first visit to the seventh anniversary, I feel we have a lot to be proud of. The place looks more homey now than it did that first day. Thank goodness we could see its potential!

The cabin's living room as we first saw it.

The cabin’s main room then . . . (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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